How soon after getting pregnant will I start to notice things?

I wanted to know how far along I have to be before I will notice anything.. I was feeling sick to my stomach this morning and almost threw up and I was optimistically thinking maybe it was a sign.. but it hasn’t been long at all since we started trying. Hmm.. just wondering.

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3 Responses to “How soon after getting pregnant will I start to notice things?”

  1. Curious1 said:

    you can start noticing symptoms the first week, but sometimes you can make yourself feel that way if that’s what you want so bad (been there done that lol), just try to relax and not think too much about it ( i know it’s hard!) and see where it goes from there, because right now there’s really not much you can do, it’d be way to early to tell. Good Luck

  2. none of ur business said:

    everyone is different but u will know even if u have never been pregnant b4

  3. Summertime said:

    I started feeling sick a few days before my missed period and my breasts were sore. With my second child I had no symptoms! My husband and I are working on baby #3 and my head keeps playing games with me. I want to be pregnant so bad…I almost feel pregnant!
    Good luck!


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