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How many days after a missed period should you start worrying?

I had sex a few times in mid September and then about three times in the last week of October. My period was supposed to come most likely on October 28 because my last period was September 30. So I think 10 days late now. Ive been extremely moody also and bloating with slight stomach pains that feel like gas. I had a headache last night. Is it too soon to be worrying? It could just be stress right? I would get pregnancy test but live in foreign country and dont speak the language. Is it possible I am pregnant?

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7 Responses to “How many days after a missed period should you start worrying?”

  1. tds216 said :

    just take the test
    if your pregnant you probably know already, you feel different.
    when i got pregnant i knew right away

  2. carrienicholson23 said :

    Yeah I would say so, you sound to me like a likely candidate, I think you should go to the hospital and hopefully there will be someone on staff who will be able to help, or you could go to the chemist and just have a look. At worst you could order them off the web for delivery but that would take a while.

    Since I dont know what country you are in its hard to know what the issue is, if it is only a language barrier. Headaches are something that come in many women much more often that usual when they are pregnant, especially in the first 3 month, due to the rushing or hormones.

    I dont think you should panic, just relax get a test and dont think of the outcome until that happens, it could be nothing

  3. mj_missi said :

    10 days is a good time to start worrying, you need to get a test and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find one even though you are in a foreign country, and the test will show the same as in your country. Best wishes,

  4. sansrival said :

    If your menstruation is always regular, that is 28-30 days cycle, then there is a possibility. Have a pregnancy test done. It is better to have it 2 weeks after a missed menstruation .
    There are 3 signs of Pregnancy. The presumptive signs are what you feel like nausea, vomiting, & other nonspecific symptoms. Probably signs of pregnancy include positive pregnancy test, abdominal & breast enlargement, changes in the cervix, etc. Positive signs of pregnancy are the reliable signs like Utlrasound finding of a fetus, doppler finding of fetal heart tones heard by the Obstetrician, fetal movement.
    It might be a probability that you are pregnant. Pregnancy kits can usually be bought in the drugstore.

  5. -friend- said :

    probably after a week or two..

  6. sugirl225 said :

    There is a big chance you or pregnant and probally yes it is time to start worrying. You about to find out because you probally about to get morning sickness but everybody don’t because I didn’t. I Knew because my face all of the sudden had this glow to it. you probally going to have curtin cravings, and have to use the bathroom more than usual. but to answer your question yes you could be pregnant.

  7. joliefemme24 said :

    honey 10 days is a good amounto of time…If you are always regular you may be. A home pregnancy test would tell by now if you are or not…good luvk.


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