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When should my 3 month old daughter start sleeping in her room at night?

I exclusively breastfeed her and I work 50 hours per week. So nighttime is when I get to breastfeed her the most. The rest of the day she drinks my expressed milk. She nurses 3-4 times at night and it seems silly to put her in her room then have to go get her.

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13 Responses to “When should my 3 month old daughter start sleeping in her room at night?”

  1. beach answerer said :

    i breastfed both my kids also, but they were both sleeping through the month at 3 months so that’s when i moved them out of my room.

    at about this age, you and her can keep each other awake from each others tossing and turning. you may think shes waking up to eat, when shes really just rolling around.

  2. Ima said :

    My son still sleeps in our room in his crib at 8 months. it’s totally up to you. If you are comfortable with her in your room, then you can keep doing so. The baby will benefit from it 🙂

  3. depsiua said :

    Whatever works best for you. I had to move my son out of my room when he was one month. He made so much noise in his sleep it kept waking me up thinking he wanted to eat. I was still nursing 3-5 times at night, but at least I slept in between! If your daughter is comfortable in your room, and so are you and your husband, then let her stay for as long as you like.

  4. naenae said :

    You do it when you feel ready. Both my kids were in there own rooms by 2 months and i had no dramas with that.
    But i was in there to check on them alot.
    I agree with you it would be harder if she is still feeding so much at night. On the other hand when they get use to sleeping in the room with you, they are hard to get in their own rooms. But do it when your ready

  5. jttigger said :

    it is best to keep a baby in your room for the first year, congrats.

  6. lazer said :

    Whenever u are ready. In my experience the best thing to do is listen to Ur own intuitions

  7. MomuttsMom said :

    I think you answered your own question. If it seems silly to you at this point for her to be in her own room, then it is silly! Move her whenever you are ready. My kids were actually both over the age of 2 when they started sleeping in their own rooms…….

  8. eyetek67 said :

    I agree…move her whenever you are ready….you will know when the time is right.

    I have a Madilyn(I have never seen the same spelling before)…she is now 2 and a half…seems like yesterday she was only 3 months old…..*sigh*…cherish these nights 🙂

  9. boo said :

    whenever you feel she is ready. Don’t do it by some book written by someone else who doesn’t know you or your baby. Your own instincts are the guide you should go by. You know your baby best

    my son is 12 months and he still sleeps in our room. We’ll move him when it seems right, maybe in a month or two but every baby is different.

  10. })i({ J and D's Momma said :

    My baby sister ( who is now 11) slept in my Mom’s room till she was well over 2.( My parents had a very inactive sex life) My limit is 1 year though. It is getting close for my daughter ( she is almost 8 months) and I am sad. I think it is special for them to be in your reach the first year. Hearing her breath at night just makes me feel better! Take care and keep her in there as long as you want to!!

  11. Lynnette T said :

    I think that it is totally up to you as well. Our daughter whom is 3 months old also moved to her room when she was 1 month old. At night, she wakes somewhere in the neighborhood of every 3-5 hours to eat. We moved her because our bed creeks when you turn over, so WE kept waking her up!! hahah Sometimes she will stay in our room when having a rough night, and I like when she does. Do what’s comfortable!

  12. Eags B said :

    The simple answer to your question is: Whenever you are comfortable putting her in her own room. There is no right or wrong answer – it is all dependent on you and your life.

    That said –

    I breastfed both my girls for the first year. My first daughter was in our room until 7 months. My second was in our room until about 5 months.

    It was much easier in our room, in our bed, but I did manage to drag myself into their room to feed them and lay them back down. Once I started doing this, they started sleeping longer in between feedings. When my youngest was in our room, she was getting up 3 – 4 times a night to nurse until she fell back asleep. Once she was in her own room it changed to 1 or 2 times.

    Each kid and situation is different though.

  13. Rosemarie E said :

    my son is still in our room at 8 months


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