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How should my 14 year old daughter get home from babysitting?

Emma babysits for Jill, a single mom who goes out by herself. When Jill gets home, I’m expected to dash over to pick up Emma since Jill doesn’t want to leave her son alone. My daughter enjoys the job and the money is good — but I don’t want to have to wait up to act as chauffeur. Any suggestions?

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14 Responses to “How should my 14 year old daughter get home from babysitting?”

  1. Julie S said:

    Can she watch her son at your house? I he might wake up but that is the way it goes, young children go back to sleep easily. I don’t think it should be your responsibilty to get her home, especially if you have to wait up. That is just my opinion, we always get our babysitters home.

  2. Lauren T said:

    Have her spend the night, compramise…tell her a time that your daughter can babysit to…as in ur daughter has to be home at such and such time…or if she wants to go out and have a babysitter, ….she could bring your daughter home…she can wake up her kid.

    and if this is the problem…maybe her son can come to your house! or yall can compromise and do that every other time she goes out. – now that i read over it…compromising sounds rediculous….she should bring her home, or come pick up her son from ur house.

  3. MadameXCupcake said:

    If your daughter can’t baby sit at your house.
    Can’t Jill can take her son with her to drive your daughter home..?
    I think that seems like the obvious thing.

  4. ROGER said:

    yeah i got one for you if your daughter is enjoying the job be her ride home every time unless you really want her to find other ways to get home then get a call something happened to her be a good mother that’s your job to bring your daughter home safely at all times

  5. sharkgirl said:

    You’re not a chauffer- you’re a mum. Mum’s do things like that. You should be glad that your daughter is making the effort to get out there and earn some money. You should be proud of her and encourage her, not try to make it hard it for her

  6. Ed S said:

    Yea! Be a concerned and caring parent. You sound selfish and self centered to me. (Yea, I’m a parent and a retired cop and I have seen too many so called parents with your attitude.) Support your daughter show you care and for responsibility reasons so she learns that life is no free ride. Ask her for a few dollars for gas money.

    I’ve seen too many kids hurt mentally and physically for me to be anything but blunt and to the point.

  7. malwilhist said:

    She needs to arrange for a friend to stay with her son so she can drive you home. Or, she should be calling your daughter a cab and paying the fare. Your daughter could spend the night or the child could get dropped off at your house.

  8. Adoptionissadnsick said:

    Assuming public transport is not an option, and you don’t have younger children you need to leave to pick her up….I think it’s a great thing to support your daughter in earning some extra money. Even though it sounds like an inconveince. If you feel the need to you might ask for a small “cab fee” Maybe then she’ll think of some ways to get home without your help. Then again do you want that?

    She won’t be 14 forever, in a couple years she can drive, try to enjoy this time together as her chauffeur. It seems like an opportunity to be a “good mom.”

  9. Doodlestuff said:

    Jill should find a babysitter who lives next door. I know other single women who brought the babysitter home, with the child in the car. I stayed the night, however. The single mom always had a bed made up for me. So long as she wasn’t bringing guys home, my folks were fine with that.

  10. cryllie said:

    Well, this is kind of a sticky one. On one hand, I can sympathize with the single mom who does not want to wake her child-some are really hard to get back to sleep; on the other, it is not fair to you to have to wait up and transport Emma. It’s only reasonable and real-world to explain that it costs YOU time and money to transport her, if Jill cannot provide transport she’ll need to pay more or make other arrangements.

    You did not say how late your daughter is staying to babysit. At 14, I would guess not past midnight; and I would hope Jill is not coming home impaired. Please make sure your daughter has access to a phone and knows to call you if she’s ever, ever unsure of her safety.

  11. HCElder said:

    As much as I’m sympathetic to your desire to not waiting up to bring your daughter home, I’ve got to side with Jill. When we get a babysitter the whole purpose for having one in our home is so we don’t have to wake the baby up. If I were a single mother I would be looking for a babysitter that lived within safe walking distance or one that drove. If you don’t want to do the driving duties, which I agree you *shouldn’t* have to do, then Emma either needs to give up the job or stay the night.

  12. Niinnaa said:

    Tell Jill that she needs to bring Emma home or she can’t babysit at her house any more. She can also bring the baby to Emma. Or if you want your daughter to feel even more responsible just bite the bullet. She’s making her own money!!!

  13. pinkpiglet126 said:

    Personally, I think Jill should call your daughter a cab and pay for the cab ride home. That’s how I got home.

    However, I pick up my daughter sometimes when she babysits sometimes. I’d much rather she be babysitting and learning responsibility then just out running around with friends. Plus, then I know she’ll be home safe.

  14. missbeans said:

    If Jill were at work or something like that, I would side with her…being a single mom is tough. But since she’s just going out for a night on the town, she needs to make arrangements to fulfill her responsibilities first. Tell Jill you’ll pick your daughter up so long as she calls by such and such a time (whatever you think is fair), but after that time she needs to bring your daughter home if she wants her to come babysit again. If not waking her kid up is SOOO important to Jill, she’ll get home at a decent hour so YOU don’t have to be the one driving around in the middle of the night. Otherwise, Jill can just inconvience HERself and HER child instead.

    I think all these people who act like you are being selfish are really ridiculous. Your daughter is doing Jill a great service, and it is Jill’s responsibility to provide transportation for HER babysitter.


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