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How many ounces should an 8 month old baby drink?

I think my baby stays hungry, I give ger 7oz and everytime the bottle finishes she cries. I dont want to overfeed her cause she is also eating solid food now. The dr told me that she should be going longer periods between the bottle between 4-6 hrs, which she does but sometimes shes crying at 3 hrs even after eating a gerber (lets say). Im afraid she will get fat if she eats too much. Should I give her more ounces?

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4 Responses to “How many ounces should an 8 month old baby drink?”

  1. Emma'sMommy said :

    I am afraid she will get fat? She probably will, most babies are until they are up walking and burning it off. Give her another ounce. I would not give my baby more than one bottle per feed which is 8 ounces. If she is still hungry, give her more solids. An 8 month old could easily eat a cup of solids three times a day.

  2. Ja said :

    At 8 months, my son was eating 32 oz still with 3 jars of food. He is 10.5 months now and is eating 24 oz of milk and 4-5 jars of food and little munchies. He is not fat at all – slim even. I wouldn’t worry about the weight. She is hungry for a reason.

  3. Melissa S said :

    You shouldn’t deprive your 8-month baby of food because you’re afraid she’ll get “fat”…..

  4. Mommie said :

    My daughter will be 8 months in 1 week. She only drinks about 3 ozs of formula when she drinks her milk. Doctor said she is healthy.


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