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how do start receiving child support for my five year old daughter?

i am the mother and i have legal custody.

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4 Responses to “how do start receiving child support for my five year old daughter?”

  1. Daun said :

    The court needs to direct the father to start paying child support.

  2. Christina T said :

    You need call your local family court and ask them what you need to do. In some states it varies.

  3. Motherhood is cool! said :

    Call child support services, they will send you a bunch of paper work to fill out. If you were not married this will take a bit longer because first they will have to verify that he is the father through DNA. If he is not the father you will be charged for the DNA test. But they should be able to take you through the steps.

    They want to do this because if they can enforce a child support order they got about $1 for each payment made, which does very little to your child support amount, but if they deal with a million cases and get a payment a week, this is big bucks to them.

    Be forewarned, when women open up a child support case the father will sometimes declare that they are going to seek custody of the child. If you have been caring for the child and he has not been in the child’s life and does not support the child he will have no chance at custody, but he will get visitation if he asks for it.

  4. Vagabond said :

    First, ask the child’s father if he would be willing to enter into an agreement. If he does agree, do it legal, with the help of a lawyer, but this is the easiest and quickest way. It basically becomes a binding contract between the father and you.

    If he is unwilling to do so voluntarily, or will only offer to pay a pittance, you can then take the issue to family court and petition the court to demand child support. If he fails to pay, they can garnish his wages, or even hold him in contempt of court and arrest him.

    If you are on good terms, try to negotiate first; but if the father is being a jerk, then take the legal route – it offers the most protection to you.

    IMHO: Any parent, mother or father, who would refuse to be fair and reasonable when talking about supporting their child is a jerk, IMHO. I find it quite strange that some people allow their children to be pawns in the dispute with the other parent (and this is directed toward both the cheapskate who refuses to pay and the greedy putz who asks for way more than is necessary or reasonable).



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