What is the best way to get my 2 year old daughter potty trained?

I want to get my daughter who is two years old potty trained. I also have 3 month old identical twin girls and having to buy diapers for her and the twins is getting hard. She just doesn’t seem to have any interest in being potty trained and likes me to change her diapers all the time because she gets jealous of her sisters and the attention I give them. Is she ready to be potty trained? What is the best way to do it and make her interested?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to get my 2 year old daughter potty trained?”

  1. captain dude said:

    she is defiantly ready to be potty trained. put her potty in front of the TV with the lid down. have her sit on that. when she has to go have her lift up the lid and go right there. as she gets used to the idea start to move the potty farther and farther away till its in the bathroom.

  2. SugarCookie said:

    REWARD HER REWARD HER REWARD HER!!!!!!!!! >>>>> my lil girl responded well to a sticker chart….I made it an put it on the door in the bathroom. She got a sticker for peeing, one for flushing and one for washing her hands…. that and in the beginning i went and got her a special nice toy and told her that if she used the potty i had her a brand new toy…Or you could go to like the dollar store and get like 10 little toys and keep them put up for a reward for each time she goes potty in the toilet… that works too… so id say either use a sticker chart (stickers of something she likes too like dora or elmo) so shes into it or do the small toy thing each time….you could do both but that would get kinda expensive…lol

  3. superyduperymommy said:

    don’t mess around with diapers, pull ups, or even a potty chair. get her some regular panties, (lots of them, at least 30 pairs) extra pairs of pants, and a toilet seat adapter. if you allready have a potty chair, the seat comes right off and will fit on the regular potty.

    this is going to take a lot of patience, and persistance. show her the new panties, have her wear them, and start having her watch you in the bathroom. after you “go”, get up, start jumping up and down, and say “i went pee-pee in the potty!” if she see’s you having fun doing it, she’ll think it’s fun too. start asking her if she wants to sit on the potty.

    once she gets comfortable with sitting on the potty, PRAISE HER….if she has an accident, take her into the bathroom, change her clothes, and sit her on the potty for a few seconds. explain that “this is where we go potty”. PRAISE HER for trying.

    i had a HORRIBLE time getting my daughter potty trained. my mother in law told me to use pull ups, potty chairs, and all the accessories you can buy for potty training. IT DIDN’T HELP AT ALL….in some ways, the pull ups and potty chairs made it worse. pull ups felt just like a diaper to her, and she would NOT go to the bathroom where there wasn’t a little potty chair.

    once i took away the pullups and the potty chair, she was fully potty trained in two weeks.

    i say buy lots of panties and extra pants because she’s probablly going to have quite a few accidents every day in the beginning. just stick with it, don’t get frustrated, and remember to PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE her when she finally does it!!! do it every time she goes untill she has it down!

    best of luck!


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