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What is an easy and effective way to potty train my daughter?

My Daughter is 21 months old and seems to want to take care of herself. She brushes her own teeth , washes her hands, Cleans her place after dinner, cleans her room with me, with a bit of assistance can dress herself, and also helps me feed her little brother. I have a small child and have a husband in the Navy so I take care of them alone alot. I am looking for a simple pain free way to potty train her and still being able to care for her brother. Most of the potty training books I have read ask for 1 on 1 attention, unfortunatly its just me. The only 1 on 1 time she gets is our short time we spend coloring or playing outside. If anyone has a way I am all ears.

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12 Responses to “What is an easy and effective way to potty train my daughter?”

  1. Amy said:

    My daughter potty trained 100% at 22 months old! What I did was let her run around without a diaper on because she didn’t like it when she got wet so she decided on her own that she wanted to go on the potty. I rewarded her with little stuff such as stickers. I also had a 4 month old daughter at the time so I completely understand. The first week it was extra work to clean up the messes, but she got the hang of it fast. Your daughter sounds a lot like mine in being very independant and well groomed. Make sure she potties on the potty at least once before you start this though so that she’ll understand where exactly she is supposed to go. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Kat said:

    have you tried putting her in regular panties to let her feel what it feels like to be wet it worked wonders for my girls yeah its a pain to have to rinse and wash but they wont like it be sure to be consistant and keep asking if she has to go its alot cheaper that buying diapers too

  3. tiffini said:

    My son was a lot like your daughter sounds and with him, I just put him in big boy underwear and would take him to the potty as often as I could. I gave him a lot of praise for going in the potty. After about a week of having some accidents, he started recognizing when he was wet and potty trained himself. I walked past the bathroom one day and he was sitting on the toilet and said, “poo poo”. It was very easy. I had a lot of laundry for that week, but it was well worth it.

  4. glitz_and_glitter said:

    Gotta have a little one on one time. This video helped my daughter. Potty Time with Bear In The Big Blue House. It’s at walmart. And it’s got a bonus episode too so she doesn’t catch on to this potty “training thing” also ya know how people tell boys to aim for cheerios in the toilet to make it a game? SOmeone told me once to get one of those blue tank tablets. The kind that turn the water in the bowl blue(very cheap and 1 lasts for a month) well you know, if yellow pee hits blue it turns green! Challenge her to make the water turn green. Show her how you do it! This was great for my daughter. She would race in there when the feeling hit her and holler from the bathroom when she was done. IT”S GREEEEN MOM!!!! But make sure that your daughter is able to get those gotta go signals before you try anything. You can’t rush this!

  5. sunshine said:

    Please don’t use pull-ups. They are too much like diapers and the children get confused. Only use real underwear. Buy a bunch and plan on doing lots of laundry! Stay home as much as possible! Put their training potty in the room you’re in if it helps them! Patience! It will come if you are persistent!! Don’t switch from diaper to underwear all day. Good Luck!

  6. hillmeister.geo said:

    I utilized the rubber underwear. It was effective. Also when it was time to get my son out of the pull-ups at night I made a calendar and every morning he woke up dry, he was able to put a smiley face sticker on that day. He was pull-up free in 3 months.

  7. erinjl123456 said:

    My youngest daughter (I have 2 older daughters who have done this also) gets her big girl undies on (she just turned two sept 10th) and has her potty available to her both in the bathroom and livingroom. She is still not consistant with it but she puts a thoughtful try to it. I tried using pull-ups once but found better results with undies. They can feel when they pee. Make sure you don’t pressure her to use it before shes ready that could cause delays. Use simple reward by praising her “What a great job you did on the potty Emma” mommy is so proud of you!

    Good luck

  8. mystery_lvr said:

    What I did with both my girls is put the potty in the bathroom and when I went to the bathroom I would say “mommy pee pee on her potty and Shelly (or Jackie) pee pee on your potty” and point to theirs..they eventually got it and thought they were “big girls”.

  9. dixieprayerlady said:

    First of all try calling your local hospitals and asking for the nursery or as known in other parts of some states the “women and childrens pavilion” and ask to speak to a nurse there . I got a handbook on potty training and read and believe me when the child is read they will learn and pretty quckly too .! I was told if they are allowed to the parent go to the potty that will help them want to go to . My grandson is already two and my husband works and is gone at least eight hours out of the day so i have him to myself all day long so i know how you feel and your frustration but just keep plugging at it and along she will get it .she will start potty training in due time. Hey if makes you feel better and hope it does most children are not doing those chores yet of cleaning their place after a meal at our grandsons not yet but he does try to help with some of the toys and things like that. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WORK YOU ARE DOING ALREADY WITH TWO CHILDREN

  10. Colleen O said:

    First of all toss OUT the books. Next, you wait until she is READY to be potty trained.

  11. chuy said:

    anything works but the less cloths the better for them and for you

  12. burpman90 said:

    look at her whille shes es and then tell her what she did wrong


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