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What is the funniest advice you have ever gotten on how to potty train a boy?

A friend of my aunt’s had told me to put cheerios in the toilet and then let my son try and sink them when he had to go.She said to make a game out it and before you know it he’ll come running out of the bathroom shouting I did it mommy i sinked them all.

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7 Responses to “What is the funniest advice you have ever gotten on how to potty train a boy?”

  1. imzadi said:

    It was suggested to me that I let my son potty outside, aiming at bushes and trees to “water” them. He’s pretty smart, so it wouldn’t have been long before he would have been aiming at his sister! I ignored this piece of advice!

  2. tdue_biondi said:

    thats it but i was t0ld fruit loops (pretty colors)

  3. shalucky13 said:

    The fruit loop game was pretty funny to me. When my sister told me that knowing how my son is he would have been trying to eat them out of his potty I know that sounds gross. Thats exactly why I didn’t try it.

  4. mafouts85 said:

    My mother use this on my brothers. She got an empty coffee can and put it in the bathroom and had them to pee in it. It really worked because when they go it makes a sound and they though that it ws so neat.

  5. me said:

    They actually make biodegradable floating bull’s eye targets and I was told to use them. Hitting the bull’s eye was supposed to be a fun thing….I didn’t try them =) And, my son tried watering the plants on his own as well when he was older and we were visiting friends. He came in yelling in excitement that he had “wrote his name on the fence” so please everyone, don’t make a game of that one =) My son is 19 now….LOL I still laugh.

  6. Momof2inCanada said:

    the cheerios are pretty popular everywhere. it works! I was told to let my son run around naked. I didn’t! Could you imagine knocking on someone’s door and wondering why the kids were naked and peeing all over the house?

  7. chad said:

    actually sweetheart… i AM at work….thanks!


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