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What are the chances of getting pregnant without using a condom?

My partner and I have had sex about 7 times without using a condom and he does not “pull out”. What are the chances of me being pregnant?

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7 Responses to “What are the chances of getting pregnant without using a condom?”

  1. ~~Emmalynn`s Mommy~~ said :

    Depending on if you were ovulating, then there is a very high chance of being pregnant.

  2. Everything happens for a reason said :

    If you’re within roughly one week of ovulating, chances are very h igh.

  3. Sj said :

    well you are playing with fire hun.

  4. ♥Ani♥ said :

    A woman has about a 15-25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle.

    IF you don’t want to get pregnant either don’t have sex or USE A CONDOM (it’s not rocket science). The pull out method is NOT a effective method of birth control.

  5. Carla said :

    The chances are really small. I always helped for me to put a belt around my belly really tight. This prevents the semen from getting in too deep. If you do this for a couple of days you will never get pregnant again.

  6. Ashley said :

    super high.
    he should of pulled out if you guys didnt want a baaaby.

  7. Smiley said :

    it depends whether you used the female or male condom
    the female condom is only 90% effective and that is when you have used it perfectly (which is hard becuase it is difficult to insert)thats 1in 10 people are at risk of pregnancy or an STD
    the male condom is 95% effective and again only when used properly so 1 in 29 people have the chance of being pregnant…
    (the more people use condoms the more unlikey they are to protect people against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases e.g. 10 years of using condoms as only form of protection gives only 50% protection-something they dont tell you on the packet!))
    both of these can split and tear quite easily
    do you have any back up contraception like the pill, IUD…?

    if it turns out you arent pregnant then i strongly suggest you get another form of conraception aswell as the condom, it would save unwanted pregnancies, possible infections and it would ease your mind of the panick that you are pregnant
    best wishes xx


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