What can anyone suggest to increase chances of getting pregnant?

Can anyone suggest anything that can help me get pregnant? I’ve never been on any birth controls and I’ve been trying for 8 months but I’ve been unsuccessful.

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4 Responses to “What can anyone suggest to increase chances of getting pregnant?”

  1. Layla said:

    Do it every other day, you need about 24 hours rest in between for the sperm to recharge and be stronger for a better chance of making it up there.

  2.     said:

    My husband and I had sex 2 or 3 times a day everyday and we got pregnant in 2 months.

  3. Meka said:

    There is a system that you may be interested in. It is frustrating when things don’t work and you have trouble conceiving but there is also a solution out there that may help in your situation. Anyway the system helps women get pregnant naturally and most of the time they get pregnant within 2 months using the system. It’s not some ordinary get pregnant tips thing, its the real deal and explains what you need to do to get pregnant and how to reverse infertility or what problems you are having getting pregnant.


  4. Cassie said:

    i REALLY recommend the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility.”

    Also, the site http://www.fertilityfriend.com has a great free-weekly e-mail to help with fertility tips. It also has a free system to track your temperature and CM and all of that so you know the best days to have sex to get pregnant.


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