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What are the chances of getting pregnant while on birth control and the condom breaks?

I’ve been on birth control since summer and I’ve been taking it everyday around the same time. My period ended on Thursday, and Fridays are the start of my pill so I’m on pill three as of today, of the new pack. Well yesterday my boyfriend and I had sex, and the condom broke, and he came inside me. Are my chances higher because I just started a new pack? What are the chances, should I be really worried, and when can I take a pregnancy test just in case? Thanks so so much!

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4 Responses to “What are the chances of getting pregnant while on birth control and the condom breaks?”

  1. B.Z. said:

    you can’t get pregnant while your on your period. if you took your pill at the right time you should be fine, but to ease your worries you could always take the plan b pill. (it’s not an abortion pill it’s just a larger dose of birth control)
    i’ve had to take it twice to do mishaps like that. go to any walgreens or riteaid and ask the pharmacy if they carry it. it’s an over-the-counter drug, but they keep it in the back and you must b 18 years old to buy it and if you do choose to buy it, you only have 72 hours after the mishap to do so. good luck!

  2. ~Sunshine~ said:

    B.Z. is incorrect, BUT your chances are still very low. You can get pregnant on the pill and on your period as well, but if you take your pills properly, starting a new pack or not, you should be 99% protected.

  3. Jade M said:

    the chances aren’t higher because you started your new pack as long as you always remember to take it but if you forget to take it you are unprotected for 7 days but you should be safe xx

  4. John J. said:

    From the sounds of it your ovulation pattern is off for optimal chance of pregnancy. You are taking the 28 day pack right? Just check to make sure that the days with no estrogen in the pills are at the begining of the pill cycle, in which case you have no worries.

    You aren’t yet ovulated enough to be extremely vulnerable.

    Even if the pills were at the end of your pack the recent intake of even just three should have started your cycle along.

    Also something you need to ask is wether or not the condom was a spermacidal condom which could have some effect on limiting the amount of semen which survived even with the condoms rupture.

    Nothing is ever certain though, good luck.


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