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What is the best birth control method for me?

I’m 21 and just got together with my boyfriend. This might sound surprising but I don’t really know much about birth control. We don’t like to use condoms and I’m determined not to use pills because I’m scared to become infertile. What can I do?

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9 Responses to “What is the best birth control method for me?”

  1. ∂ αиιєℓℓє χ said :

    Have the implanon in your arm.
    Its easy and takes your mind off pregnancy for 3 years.

  2. Lisa said :

    The pill does not cause infertility. I’ve been on the pill for 10 years and i really like it. Other options you could look into is an IUD, NuvaRing, the Patch, Depo shot, or Norplant. You could also try barrier options such as the female condom, sponge, or diaphragm, but hormonal methods are more effective at preventing pregnancy.

  3. Cindy D said :

    Ask your doctor.

    I never heard of pills making you infertile.

  4. Emιly-Mαrια *Live. Love. Laugh.* said :

    You really want to know the best method of birth control?

    No sex. If you aren’t going to have him wear a condom, and if you’re not going to take the pills, your other options are implantable things such as Mirena and NuvaRing. You can use spermicide as well. But let me tell you: NOTHING is 100%, except for not having sex. Even with all these things I mentioned, plus the pill and condom, you can get pregnant. It’s unlikely, but possible in any event.

    Birth control doesn’t make you infertile.

  5. Baby due March said :

    The pill does not make you infertile at all. I was on the pill for over 10 years and fell pregnant in 2 months after stopping.

    You could look at getting a UID but I would say speak to a doctor about which is the best birth control method for you.

  6. Jacob Edward Due July 24th! said :

    Pills definitely don’t make you infertile. There’s no evidence of that whatsoever. The hormones in the pills are so slight these days that that’s never really a concern. Also, pills are the best method of birth control unless you want to try to NuvaRing…which I’ve heard that a lot of people like. If you’re not married, I wouldn’t rely on barrier methods or fertility awareness…they’re not reliable enough. I can’t be on pills because they have really bad side effects for me (no sex drive whatsoever and horrible mood swings). However, for most people, they make no difference in your life whatsoever. Good luck!

  7. Pac-han said :

    I recently had The Implanon Implant put into my arm, It didn’t hurt and I now know that i cannot get pregnant for 3 years !
    Its really good and often your periods stop alltogether when on it. Which is fab !
    Infertility from this is extrememly rare you can have it taken out whenever you are ready to have children and replaced etc etc !
    I would really consider it, I didn’t want to take the pill cause there is history of breast cancer in my family, but the implant is so much better ! I am very happy with it x

  8. ML said :

    Other then having no sex which is just not fun Have the implanon in your arm!!! Works well for most and once its in thats it, (after you give it tome to work) have all the sex u like (as long as u both r clean)

  9. BADCompany said :

    Back in the day they used to soak a rag in lemon juice or vinegar to create an acidic environment you know where. Use only if you are feeling a little midevil.


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