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How long after starting birth control can i start having sex without getting pregnant?

My doctor has put me on birth control but i have to wait until my next period to start taking it. I am sexually active and am just curious when the birth control will start working?

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9 Responses to “How long after starting birth control can i start having sex without getting pregnant?”

  1. ... said :

    3 months

  2. Zoe said :

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  3. ♥one angel,and due Oct 2010♥ said :

    Read the leaflet that comes with it, normally it is a week after starting the 1st pack, ut each is different so read the leaflet that comes with it to make sure.

  4. Crimson said :

    Depends on your body hormones and chemistry, and what type of birth control you are on. I would call your doctor and ask specifically. They would know better than anyone on here.

  5. due 8/5/2010 w/#1 said :

    they tell you that you should wait 7 days to have sex after you start the pill it really depends on what kind you are on.

  6. Christie said :

    One week but I would wait one month before I stopped using a backup.

  7. mommy_allie said :

    To be 99.9% effective you need to be on it for a full month…and not have any bleeding during that time other than your regular period….I started a new type of birth control and bled throughout the month…the next month the same thing…dr thought body needed time to adjust…I got pregnant in month 2…So make sure you use another form of bc for at least the first month. You can use condoms, spermicide, or the sponge…Best of luck!

  8. Mva said :

    After next red day, do it but tell him to take out before that.

  9. Nikki♥ Hannah June Due 05/01/10♥ said :

    It usually takes a full cycle for birth control to reach full effectiveness. I can’t believe the doctor didn’t tell you this. Also, in case they didn’t tell you, be aware that if you are ever on any other medications (especially anti biotics) your birth control could be ineffective.


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