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How long after sex does it take for a pregnancy test to pick up that you’re pregnant?

How long after u have sex and pregnant does your signs show for example:nausea,hunger,tired

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10 Responses to “How long after sex does it take for a pregnancy test to pick up that you’re pregnant?”

  1. only me said :

    depends on the person….talk to your gyno!

  2. Brooke G said :

    Usually 2-4 weeks. You can take an HPT 5 days before your missed period. But you are more likely to get an accurate result the day after your missed period.

  3. SweetLady said :

    it really depends on your body. It can start anywherefrom a two weeks to a couple months, or maybe not evenshow at all.

  4. alexandcarter08 said :

    for the test it takes up to 4 weeks and for nausea around two i think You here about these test that show up five days before dont get them just wait at least 4 then take one my wife and i have used the ones that say five days before missed period but it barely shows up i mean like looking for it. so i would wait

  5. estrellita said :

    about 2weeks after conception (when the sperm meets the egg and makes a baby) this is when pregnancy signs show up and a test will show positive, this is usually when your period is due as the average time a woman releases her egg and therefore can be met by a sperm is in the middle of her cycle (2 weeks before her due period, this also depends how many days you cycle lasts, average cycle is 28 days)

  6. f ℓ α к ι т α said :

    its different for everybody and it could start at as little as 2 weeks after sex all the way to maybe 3 monthes or 4 months before you know your pregnant..

    you can test maybe 10 – 14 days after sex…

  7. stacey g said :

    about 3 weeks i think.

  8. flobbit said :

    It varies widely amongst people. For some the result is +ve after only 10 days, others have to wait 6 weeks.

    Likewise, some never get nausea etc.

  9. Lori R said :

    You can test the day you are late for your period, or a few days sooner with some of the newer test, just read the box. On avg its about 2 weeks after sex.

    Symptoms can start early or not at all for some women. With my twins I had symptoms within a week of getting pregnant, well before I could test, but with my son it came much later

  10. Sara said :

    It depends on the person, some people don’t have those signs, some people have them right off and others have them later. The only way to be sure is to take a HPT AND get a positive pregnancy test from the doctor. You can get a free or low cost pregnancy test from planned parenthood. They are discreet, if that is a concern, and don’t tell anyone.


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