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How long after having sex when ovulating do you become pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby and we just have intercourse the day before my ovulating day and the day of? How soon will i know if I’m pregnant or not?

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4 Responses to “How long after having sex when ovulating do you become pregnant?”

  1. missC said :

    You won’t know until you miss your next period. When implantation occurs it starts a hormone that causes you to not get your period so if you miss your period take a hpt and it should detect that hormone.

  2. anglhrt1979 said :

    it can take up to a month before you know but your egg is only good for 12-24 hours and then it starts to disenigrate but if the sperm meets the egg then it will fertilize it good luck and think positive

  3. Day C said :

    Wait until your bext missed period. You will be able to take a test and have hcg in your urine. Some women start to feel symptoms a week or two after conception but I wouldsuggest waiting at least until your next missed period which should be in about 2 weeks after you ovulate.

  4. Diane H said :

    Around 2 weeks you can be tested, but bare in mind some pregnancies don’t always show up that early, but most do. The egg will stay fertile for 24-48 hours but sperm can live in you body for up to 14 days, so doing it the day before you have a really good chance of conceiving. Good luck.


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