What are the odds of her getting pregnant if we use a condom?

Okay, mu gf and I want to have sex, but she’s afraid because she doesn’t want to get pregnant. What are the odds of it happening if we’re responsible and use a condom?

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25 Responses to “What are the odds of her getting pregnant if we use a condom?”

  1. Marko Serbia said:

    2 percent I think!

  2. mattmoonger said:

    practically zero

  3. starchild said:

    Condoms are 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy. That means 1 out of 1,000 will get pregnant with a condom. HIGHLY unlikely.

  4. Psychodelic Chicken said:

    about 2% i believe, if it splits you can get the morning after pill

  5. Ali said:

    I think the stats are at 97% safe, but do you really want to risk those few percentages? She should go on birth control, then you’ll be almost 100% safe…but not completely. Just be careful, and she most likely won’t.

  6. the_modern_maiden said:

    Depends on if u use it right, experation date, size, lube, and just read the box it’ll say 99% effective… or she can be put on the pill, or Nuvaring, or the patch as well as using male/female condoms

  7. n'chayla2006 said:

    If you are up on your sh-T, then no one will be getting pregnant. The only way she could get pregnant is if the condom breaks, which can happen, and you will feel it if it does, so do not keep going and change it. Tell her that if this happens for a just in case, she should be on the pill.

  8. dmercer12679 said:

    Well, the odds are slim, but they are still there. Condoms break, leak, and can come off. She should get on a birth control method, like Depo shot, Birth Control pills, birth control patch, or some thing like that and you guys should use a condom, that way you are using 2 forms of birth control and you are off setting the risk. Always use a condom though, it is the only thing that will reduce the risk of stds.

  9. jrbblueye said:

    You should use a condom and take other precautions, if only a 1% chance that means theres a chance. If you want to be sure and you are not prepared for children along with all of the STD’s that are now available to you, my best advise is wait and do not do it.

  10. susie said:

    You are risking a whole lot if you think using only condoms is “effective” birth control. No one uses a condom perfectly every time, and there’s always the risk that it could break. Please don’t be stupid, you have the potential to ruin your dreams for future success if something happens.

    You need to understand that there is ALWAYS a risk of pregnancy. Unless you are ready to accept the consequences of intercourse, you need to use condoms, and she needs to be on birth control; or even easier and cheaper: don’t have sex.

  11. bwahaha said:

    Get that whore on birthcontrol…problem solved!

  12. starrblazing said:

    2 percent chance of getting pregnant.Tell her to get on the pill also.Then you two get down and nasty.Have fun.

  13. im.satisfied said:

    There is a 1.8 percent chance that you can get someone pregnant while using a comdom..If she is pregnant be responsible in realizing that even though you used a condom it is possible for her to become pregnant. on the other hand never take anyone’s word for it. get a blood test as soon as the baby is born.. If you put your name on the birth certificate before then , you are sealed in this deal so be safe and be sure.

  14. greeneyedcat said:

    the odds are way too high if you aren’t ready for a kid. that one or two percent that use condoms but get pregnant translates into thousands, yes THOUSANDS of unplanned pregnancies

  15. Trish B said:

    I thought that condoms were only 86% effective.

  16. 3*PrettyGirlz said:

    Here is what a condom says: If used properly, condom will HELP reduce the risk of HIV infection(AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases. Also HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against pregnancy. There is a 97-99% percent chance the condom will not work for you!There are a variety if reasons for condom failure, mainly if they are not using one correctly, if one breaks, or bad expiration date… The only way to prevent pregnancy 100% is to not have sex… even birth control is not 100% effective!

  17. specialK said:

    A condom is 97% safe to use. Make sure that is a new one and that it fits. One thing to do is to get a box and put your fist in to one of them just to make sure they are not old. That and you both open it together and put it on together that way you both know that no one cut it. Just be carefull that having sex is something you both want to do.

  18. coolbreeze493 said:

    if its broking or not on properly

  19. Bebe said:

    i would probably have her go on birth control and use a condom too as an extra precaution. less of a chance

  20. robertonduty said:

    I have 4 children…. I planned one of them.

  21. Nancy said:

    Odds?? let me tell you about what can happen when you USE a condom.. BABY!! You don’t think so?? let me give you a personal proof.. She is nearly 10 years old now.. yes, my daughter.. and NOT ONLY did we use a condom.. but I was also on the pill AND I used another type of over the counter contraceptive.. we were adamant about not wanting children. [in OUR case, we were married] but we now have a daughter. Condoms are NOT a great contraceptive.. NOTHING is 100% except for abstinence. DON’T think with your JOHNSON, honey.. think with the brain the good Lord gave you and think about that child you COULD bring into this world.. are you SURE you want that? Luckily, we were married, older and able to accept the responsibility in all it’s forms.. but that little girl is STILL here and proof positive that no matter WHAT birth control you are using, you can STILL get pregnant. DON’T take the chance.

  22. susan_louise_20 said:

    really it could be 50/50, you dont know if it will breaks, slip off, the best way to be absolutley safe is for your girlfrind to get on some sort of contraception, the pill, i.u.d rod, ect.. you can never be to safe!!

  23. Tennille T said:

    There is a very small percent. If you really want to find out just go to the store and read the back of the package…or, even look it up on Trojans web site.

    Just remember the best birth control and safest sex is abstinence.

  24. whateva said:

    about 1 or 2%…but if it breaks or slips off…ur in trouble buddy….!

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