How soon after you found out you were pregnant did your pants feel tighter?

I am 8 weeks and already my pants feel tighter, it may just be from bloating though! I have also gained a pound and half.

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21 Responses to “How soon after you found out you were pregnant did your pants feel tighter?”

  1. japfa said:

    11-12 weeks

  2. floss0802 said:

    13 weeks about…everyone is different.

  3. bomb_21_au said:

    For me it was about 14 weeks.

  4. Cindy S said:

    that sounds about right, with my first I was in maternity pants by six weeks because the preassure of the baby even though not that big with the amniotic fluid was just too much and it is so much more relaxing to wear them I felt like I was crushing her, same with my second at 8wks maternity pants:)

  5. EeniMeeni said:

    ah, the joys of pregnancy

    With my first, it was 16 weeks before I started to feel clothes getting tighter

    This time, I’m nine weeks and I cried my eyes out on the weekend because I couldn’t do up my jeans!!!

    Do gentle exercise like walking each day and you should be able to keep weight gain under control (that’s my hope anyway LOL)

    Congrats by the way 🙂

  6. Baby #2 after 13 yrs due 6/19/09 said:

    i’m 13 weeks and my pants still fit me the same. I haven’t started to gain weight yet. I lost 6 pounds in the first trimester.

  7. Baby Boy~Due Jan 21st! said:

    8 weeks I felt my pants were snugg but I couldn’t stand the feeling I was pushing on my baby even knowing how small he was. So I wore loose clothing

  8. Its a Boy! 39 wks with #1! said:

    I was in my regular pants until I was about 30+ weeks.
    But I am a small girl, and everyone is different

  9. Pregnant with 1st 17 weeks prego said:

    14 weeks.

  10. bonafyde_cutie said:

    about 13 weeks

  11. ☺♥Bub #1 due June 20th♥☺ said:

    im 13 weeks and havent noticed

  12. Jennifer P said:

    i started showing at 8 weeks,it may have been bloating,and also i was very small before i got pregnant.good luck

  13. Loves her hubby and little bean! said:

    I’m about the same as you.
    My pants were a little tighter about 4 weeks because of initial bloating, then it went down a bit. Now my pants are definately getting tighter from gaining weight and all.

    I’m about 10 weeks now

  14. Future Mommy said:

    I didn’t even know i was pregnant yet and mine were tight. I actually thought I was getting fat so i went to the gym to do sit-ups… yeah that was a bad idea!

  15. mumi2b2miracle-Gabriel =4/MAr/09 said:

    hey hun,

    yea deffinately bloating at this time & weight gain.

    Congratulations ~

    i was around 13 weeks.
    From bloating & weight gain

    . baby bump around 15 – 16 weeks.

    God bless xx

  16. serenity8 said:

    11-12 weeks

  17. Amanda said:

    I’m only like 7 weeks and 5 days and I’ve gained about a pound and 1/2, too. And my pants feel tighter.. I feel so gross. I’m going to be huge after I have the baby. 🙁

  18. tirrar said:

    depends on the pants- with most of them it was around 20 weeks i think. but i have a pair that i still fit in- they fit fine in the waist but the thighs are getting a little snug.
    but since im usually doing nothing at home or working- im either in sweatpants or scrubs (im a cna)
    so i dont usually wear jeans unless we go somewhere…
    congrats on the baby 🙂

  19. Jen V said:

    I wore my regular jeans until I was five months pregnant, though after three months they became snug and by four months I wasn’t buttoning them (lol). After buying a pair of maternity jeans, I’m sad that I waited so long to do so – they’re really comfortable and, best of all, really cute! It’s hard to tell the difference between my $17 ShopKo maternity jeans and my overpriced jeans from stores like American Eagle.

    Many people have been telling me that I’m pretty small for how far along I am though, perhaps it varies by person or body type?

  20. motherof1#2due07/04/2009 said:

    3 to 4 weeks. but i was further along by 4 weeks than they told me i was so it all make Sense.

  21. Marry K said:

    I guess I’m a lucky one. I’m 23 weeks and my pants are just now starting to get tighter to the point where it is a little uncomfortable. Good luck with your pregnancy


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