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How soon after a baby drops and gets in position will a woman go into labor?

My sis is 33 – 34 wks pregnant and her baby recently got into position. Will she go into labor very soon? We’re throwing her a baby shower in 3 weeks. Should I move it up?

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10 Responses to “How soon after a baby drops and gets in position will a woman go into labor?”

  1. Ava said :

    I had my baby 2 weeks after he dropped.

  2. Alisha said :

    The baby will always drop during the last month of pregnancy. When its dropped and in postion, labor may still be several weeks away. I think your baby shower will be just in time. CONGRATS AUNTIE!!!

  3. martybop said :

    Two to four weeks normally.

  4. momof2girls said :

    nah it could be a month or so till she goes into labor just because the baby is in position really does not mean much it can flip and go into a diff position before she actually goes into labor . I had a friend that dropped and then the baby went back up multi times before she went into labor so i would just keep the shower right on schedule

  5. preg with surro babe due 12/12 said :

    no lol. my mum with me she told me i got into position at 34 weeks and she was told she could go early with me. 17 days overdue was when she had me and that was because she was induced lol.

    the baby i am carryin she has been head down since 28 weeks. had midwife apt yesterday who said baby is head down nearf pelvic bone but is not there fully, and im only 31 weeks.

  6. Kathrine A said :

    my son got into position and dropped at 34-35 weeks and he was born at 40 weeks and three days.. i would guess your alright on your timing..

  7. 5 wEEKs 4 mY BaBy'S aRRiVaL said :

    they say it about 2-4 weeks but we can always go into labor after due date… on my 2nd and also dropped at around 34 begining of 35 weeks is when i notice the huge difference of my belly lower then ever before so well just see if that means ill go into labor within 4 weeks im just hopeing i dont go past 40 weeks but ill leave it to my baby

  8. --mommy of 1 & 1 on the way!-- said :

    my baby dropped at 35 weeks, and i’m 38 weeks now and still nothing 🙁

  9. Princess due in 7 weeks! said :

    There is no way to tell my baby dropped and has been engaged since 30 wks and my OB says it does not determine when she will come.

  10. Lisa said :

    I’m 38wks pregnant & still nothing. Hasn’t dropped, no fluid loss… Had false labor 2 days ago. That was weird.


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