I am getting married on Valentines Day, I need an idea to do for my soon to be husband.?

I know the wedding it self is something big but we want to be sure we always celebrate both things so I need some ideas of what t do for him the morning of. We are getting married at two. as for him it would be easy like send roses or something like that.
my maid of honor told me we had to not spend the night together on the night before our wedding so i can’t do the breakfast inbed thing thats what i wanted to do.
please be positive m girls puck the date for us to get married we wanted to invove our children as much as we could as to that thank you.

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3 Responses to “I am getting married on Valentines Day, I need an idea to do for my soon to be husband.?”

  1. sunshine said:

    i would make him a scrapbook of the earlier times that you guys were dating and then have one of the groomsmen give it to him without seeing him on that day

  2. brandi_prkns said:

    If it’s see-through and has silk and lace and if you’re wearing it, I guarantee you he’ll love it! LOL They’re simple creatures. OK, you can make it special by bringing him breakfast in bed while wearing it.

  3. Adveyesir said:

    Do yourselves both a big favor and don’t get married. Why enter into an institutional life where less than 50% of the people who have already participated in the institutional lifestyle of marriage called it quits. Besides, if you’re getting married on V-day, you must be one of those girls who believes in happily-ever-after, which doesn’t exist; and therefore, you’re ideas of what marriage “should be” will never be achieved.

    Call me bitter, call me a realist, but whatever you call me, it won’t be married, as the whole idea of marriage is a complete farce and you will get used and tossed aside like a stale ‘ol wrinkly caesar salad in the end.

    Good luck


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