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Tomorrow is valentines day I need an idea for my husband and I, we just had a baby?

So my husband and I are not really into celebrating valentines day and we just had a baby so I would like to do something cute, but fun and not corny.
I never buy lingerie or do rose pedals or flowers or buy him candy. We do not do romantic things like that, but I’m open to ideas.
I’m just nervous. Please help

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6 Responses to “Tomorrow is valentines day I need an idea for my husband and I, we just had a baby?”

  1. crashosborne2003 said:

    Candlelight dinner!

  2. brendasmother said:

    A candlelight dinner at home sounds lovely. If you’re not up to all the work just yet, order in! Many Chinese restaurants will deliver. But don’t eat any of the broccoli or cabbage if you’re nursing.

  3. sizzleblue11 said:

    Have you and your husband help your kid make a valentines basket. (if you have a milk carton cut the top out and decorate or take a shoe bow and decorated it) After the kid falls asleep make him a dinner or sit on the couch and watch a movie together

  4. Morgan R said:

    Send the baby to a baby sitter and go on a date. To like a movie and somewhere fun out to eat

  5. Jschro said:

    Take the baby and do something to give your husband some time alone. That’s what i’d like the most, since you dislike romance.

  6. shari said:

    Make him a coupon book that he can redeem when he wants. One could be like for a back rub, another for breakfast in bed, what ever you think. I used an extra key ring and put them on it. Punched holes in the coupons.


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