Need a Valentines Day idea I can make for my husband?

I was thinking of making digital picture frame or should I make him a CD?
And saw this awesome book through Hallmark but cant find it anywhere – It is a Book what I love about you and you fill in the blanks wonder if I could make that instead.
Or was just thinking of getting a picture that says remember to kiss me goodnight?

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3 Responses to “Need a Valentines Day idea I can make for my husband?”

  1. Amy said:

    Make him a coupon book filled with coupons he will love (i.e. letting him not do one of his least favorite household chores for a week or making him his favorite breakfast before he goes to work in the morning).

  2. azmilsyahmi said:

    The coupon is a nice idea. Did it once for my wife.There are websites that will do magazine like photobooks for you. They supply you the software so its easy to design. I used the and created a magazine depicting our love life for one valentine’s for my wife. THere were pictures from the time we started dating till present.

  3. alex said:

    I think the coupon book is a great idea. I wrote about it and some more ideas for Valentine’s Day here:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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