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i need help with my valentines day idea….?

okay. soo i get to see my boyfriend 5 out of 7 passing periods a day at school. so for every passing period im gonna have a different surprise for him on valentines day.

the first one is gonna be a composition notebook full of notes and poems i wrote for him, and sketches and doodles and cute quotes and theres a crossword puzzle of all the words i think he is, and that kinda thing. any suggestions for something else to add, cuz i still need some more pages to fill?

the second is gonna be brownies in the shape of hearts with red frosting and sprinkles.

i still need three more, buuut idk what to do for those, i was thinking maaybe a mix CD of every song that makes me think of him, and our song, too, but that was only if i couldnt think of anything else. soooo anyone have suggestions for me?


P.S. i dont want the idea of “a picture of you two in a cute frame” im putting favorite pictures of us in the notebook, sooo i really really want something different spunky and original, please?

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2 Responses to “i need help with my valentines day idea….?”

  1. meenakshi said :

    You could print & cut out a whole set of these cute love-notes & write/draw anything you want [the number you make could correspond to the number of weeks you’ve known each other, or something symbolic] : — printable love notelets !

    Make a bunch of artificial/paper roses : — rose [Robert Lang] — crease pattern for the above rose. – spiral roses
    Sprinkle some rose attar (scent) on these to get some rose fragrance 😉

    Make a coupon book suitable to your relationship & age : — for coupon book ideas

    Make a stuffed teddy or any other animal/article that he likes.

    Add quotations on love, friendship, etc. to your notebook or to the love notelets.

    Make a batch/set of handmade blank greeting cards that he can use during the year. Or You could try making him a pop-up card with hearts, etc.… this is a great site with wonderful designs & step-by-step instructions & printouts of templates.

    How about a T-shirt ? Customize with photo, artwork, fabric painting, slogan, tie-dye, etc. Or a stencil of your photo or any other image : how to make your own stencils

    Make a Chocolate Bouquet :

    Make tiny scrapbook(s) — Inchies — Twinchies

    You may be able to come up with some more ideas at

    Hope these help
    Have fun 🙂

  2. Jennifer Estes said :

    I’ve compiled a list of a few things I’ve given my boyfriend that might help you!

    Here are some sweet ideas:
    ~1,000 Different Reasons Why You Love Him written in a notebook (this one takes awhile)
    ~The video game he’s been wanting “forever” (trust me, he’ll go nuts!)
    ~A Photo of you with a sweet message in paint on the glass
    ~A dog tag with your name, your anniversary date, and a sweet message on it (if you guys are a little more serious)
    ~A CD with songs that remind you about him

    If you’re artistically inclined:
    ~A clay figurine in the shape of his pet name
    ~A sweet homemade card
    ~A handmade hemp necklace or bracelet (if he’s into jewery)
    ~Homemade cake and decorate it nice (you could do this artistic or not)
    ~Homemade heart shaped cookies (same here)

    Here would be a sweet tradition to start, but only if you honestly think you’ll last
    ~A note in a bottle he opens one year after you give it to him. (It’s an anniversary tradition my boyfriend and I started on our 1st anniversary.) Write in it your feelings about him or your relationship right now, and then read it together a year later to see how everything has changed! I used a Coke bottle by gently prying off the cap with some wire/jewelry pliers and putting back on with some big pliers.

    Good luck!


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