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i need some help thinking of a creative gift idea for valentines day?

we haven’t really dated long. but like im crazy for her. i want something like creative and meaningful, but also romantic and sweet

maybe a little cheesy but still cute, ya know?

any help would be awesome

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6 Responses to “i need some help thinking of a creative gift idea for valentines day?”

  1. starz said:

    well…you can always make her a nice card with something really special on it. Maybe like a poem made from you & with that you can give her a teddy bear and or draw her a rose. Just let your instincts guide you.

    Hopefully this will be some help…

    Good Luck…

  2. alice cullen said:

    give her a big teddy bear and hide a nice watch on the bears arm

  3. Kira said:

    if you are in school. get her schedule and go to each of her classes that morning and ask the teacher to give her a rose when she walks in. on each rose put a part of a poem and on the second rewrite it, but add a little more. she’ll flip. good luck! happy valentines day

    ps girls are suckers for a cheesy but heartfelt poem.

  4. TexasTea(The Queen B.) said:

    If you want to be creative, send her some Roses. get her a Musical Greetings Card, you know one that you can send her a message with you voice. Instead of going to the traditional dinner, take her to the zoo or the museum.

    Either way, it will be appreciated….


  5. bbl788 said:

    You can do a little indoor picnic (or outdoor if the weather is okay) for him/her that would be a good gift. Have the picnic near a place where it would be a short walk/drive to a place to dance.
    I am picturing a nice little park. Just hang out, eat and listen to music. The whole point of Valentine’s day is to be with the one that you love, not really the present.

  6. Chris said:

    Do this for her. Make her a book that says all the reasons you love/like her. Check out Got one for my girlfriend a few years ago…she’s my wife now. 🙂

    If you just started dating, don’t be too mushy. Just be sweet. Especially if you haven’t used the L word yet.


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