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I need help with a valentines idea for my boyfriend..?

I want to do something really cute for him, like when he comes home from work. Like a cute candle light dinner, or i dont know any ideas?

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3 Responses to “I need help with a valentines idea for my boyfriend..?”

  1. Marsika said:

    How about an indoor picnic in front of the fire place? With wine and the whole nine yards.

  2. Hentasi said:

    Watching a movie with him next to a fireplace with a warm blanket cuddling up with him in the dark.

    I dunno, I like that. xP

  3. Jamie07 said:

    You could make his favorite dinner, eat it by candlelight! Um you could also buy tea lights and make designs out of them like a heart or you could make it say i love you. Maybe get massage oil and give him a massage when he gets home.


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