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Valentines Idea Advice help!!!!!!!?

So this is my idea. Im going to put a rose and a note on her car handle so before she goes to school she gets both of them. My question is, I have no idea what to write, and I want to ask her to prom in the note as well, but I really dont know what to say. Anyone have a general idea of what to write?
(By the way, she isnt my girlfriend… yet (0= )

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6 Responses to “Valentines Idea Advice help!!!!!!!?”

  1. REL said:

    just flat out ask her. write in huge letters and decorate it. she will love it

  2. Marina said:

    How about you say “Will you be my valentine” and act all romantic? I think it’s a great idea.

  3. Ryan H said:

    do you know her well?

  4. Lexaa'Xx said:

    your smart,sexy,witty and kind please be MY valentine


  5. hoot said:

    roses are red
    viloets are blue (your eyes are blue if her eys are)
    i would be unbelivably happy if i could go to the prom (or out) with you

    Happy Valentines Day

    [your name here!]

  6. *~Hooker~* said:

    tell her about the first time you saw her. How did you FEEL?? what did you think? tell her every time you see her the butterflies in your stomach make you weak in the knees….tell her you want to be her patrick to her spongebob, her montana to her hanna, find out her favorite movie and quote part of it….or even just a romantic movie and quote it. and if you do become her boyfriend be sure to tell her how happy she makes you and how beautiful she is. good luck….and wait till later to ask her to prom…just getting this note might be enough for her little mind to wrap around.


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