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Valentines Idea help plz?

This will be for my boyfriend of 2 years. We are both 20. My idea is a heart shaped box of chocolates and…nude photo/s of me! I need honest opinions!? Should I get them printed and placed at the bottom of the box of chocolates, or send them to him online as digital?
I have wanted to take nudes of myself for him for a while, though i wasn’t sure how he would take it, or a right timing for it.
Men, would you care or how would you react if your gf gave you nude photos of herself to you as a gift?

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3 Responses to “Valentines Idea help plz?”

  1. Rob D said:

    i would be pumped if i got that for a gift. i think you should email them cus its easier.

  2. D L said:

    nude photos are a fantastic gift for Vday. the chocolates are a bit ired and corny. why not make a calendar with the pics? he can hang it on the wall and see you every day! has where you can do it online and have it mailed to you. they allow nudes but no sex acts in the photos including masturbation.

  3. aliceperez77 said:

    Don’t put any nude photos of yourself on the internet. You never know what someone will do with them. Are you talking about having tasteful pictures of yourself shot? I like them better if they are done w/o being slutty.


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