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I really need a cute valentines day idea for my girlfriend any help?

Well Ive been wit my gf for like 3 months and to be honest I really have fallen for this girl. This whole love thing I dont usually do it u know its not my thing so I finally have a chance to do something really nice for someone I really love. I havent had time to think of something or go buy anything till now cuz im super busy all the time I have 2 jobs n still go to school soyea I need a really cute, nice, valentines day idea. I was hopin if someone can give me an idea that can relate to use as possible I asked her out on nov 18th n weve been together for 3 months so yea…..any idea would be much appreciated thank you.

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5 Responses to “I really need a cute valentines day idea for my girlfriend any help?”

  1. Olivia said :

    My Ideas:
    Take her to dinner.
    Make her a card.
    Buy her a gift, she would probably prefer roses, flowers, or jewelry.

  2. Ms.Silver said :

    i agree …but like make even special-ler than yu want it to be ….cuz yu said yu’ve fallen for this gurl so with dinner,id say maybe a big-o bear with it hugging sum chocolate in a big heart….and give her some jewelry i know its last minute but yu kinda shuld had at least an alternative…but yu shuld be able to pull it together and maybe “i love you” if yu guys have hit that stage yet…

    and if yur ready!!!

  3. ArcanePrincess said :

    Girls love love romantic gifts its a good way to show her how you feel. In buying a gift like that dont buy anything conventional. Good ideas would be Flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear or jewelery. Women eat that up. hope this helps

  4. Survivor- Go Amanda! said :

    You could…

    Make her dinner or take her to a fancy restaurant.
    Buy her a Teddy bear that has a heart nose and/or says I love you
    Buy her jewelry.
    Buy her flowers or roses.
    Buy her chocolates.
    Make or buy her a card.
    Watch her favorite movie with her.
    Take her to the movies to see a movie she has been wanting to see.
    Sing her a romantic song.
    Buy her a gift she has been wanting.
    Give her a picture of you. (In a frame)
    Give her a picture of you together. (In a frame)

    Good Luck!

  5. hellokitty <3 said :

    Maybe you should have a romantic candle lit dinner and blind fold her so it can be a surprise, usually girls love that kind of thing. 🙂


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