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I need a Valentines Day gift idea?!?!?! HELP!?!?

So my girl friend is 14 and I need a Valentines Gift idea for her. We have been going out since October 🙂 thanks 😀

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2 Responses to “I need a Valentines Day gift idea?!?!?! HELP!?!?”

  1. djm7752 said:

    Ummm, maybe make a soundtrack of songs that both of you love or of songs make you think of her, hand-made stuff shows that you care! Let’s see….a large picture frame with a bunch of pictures of the 2 of u cut out with stickers and decor etc. That would be really cool. But if you’re not that crafty, a gift from Aerie or her favorite perfume or make up store would probably be nice! Hope I helped, have a great Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. lucassiqueirarodrigues said:


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