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HELP!!! I need a valentines date idea! :)?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months now and we want to do something fun, cute and romantic for our first V-day together? What should we do??
🙂 thanks so much

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3 Responses to “HELP!!! I need a valentines date idea! :)?”

  1. Jade said:

    mmm that depends on how old you are, because if your young, like 16 or 17 (somewhere in that area) then you could go to an amusment park or bowling, something like that.

    if your older, then you could stay at home and have fun between the sheets if you know what i mean haha.

  2. Ren said:

    homemade dinner, candles, flowers ^_^

  3. Gizzbiz said:

    movies, then go get coffee and go for a walk on the beach or the park


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