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I’m planning a Valentines date in Boston and I need a little help…?

I want to take my girlfriend into Boston for Valentines Day… We’re taking the train down from Portland, I bought Blue Man Group Tickets, I was thinking of staying at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Boston (because its close to North Station …?) And I want to get a limo to bring us from the hotel to dinner and then to the playhouse and back. I don’t know Boston too well though and I need a cute restaurant to bring her to maybe something quaint and local? And also if you know of any upstanding limo companies in the area that would be great! Thank you =)

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7 Responses to “I’m planning a Valentines date in Boston and I need a little help…?”

  1. l18dreamon said:

    Can’t help with your limo question -sorry!
    One of the most romantic restaurants is on Beacon Hill -LaLaRokh ( is also close enough to downtown so you can get to the Charles Playhouse easily (limo or taxi). It’s old world Persian run by a brother and sister -oh so fine. The restaurant name is the title of an epic romance by the 19th century poet Thomas Moore. In it, he tells the story of Lala Rokh, which means Tulip Cheeks, a beautiful young princess on a journey of love and discovery. The book is the very epitome of European fantasies about the East. The decor-which includes the family’s collection of Persian miniatures from the 14th to the 16th century, calligraphy from the 8th to the 16th century, as well as European maps and views of the region from the 16th to the 19th century-adds to the atmosphere of romance.
    Perfect for Valentine’s Day – have a great time!

  2. Jenny K said:

    the top of the hub is a nice, upscale restaurant. it’s at the top of the prudential building with an amazing view of the city. i love this place.

    here’s a good limo service, with lots of options:

  3. Dan Roberts said:

    There are a number of romantic Italian restaurants right in the North End that are quaint.

  4. Tro said:

    The Cotton Wood Cafe’ is in Boston. It is a very good steak place, I don’t know if that will be the greatest. Also you can’t go wrong with Legal Sea Foods, it’s a great seafood place. Houstan’s at 60 State Street is good.

    You could eat at the state room at 60 State Street it would be great.

  5. Damien said:

    I would suggest walking (or a short cab ride) to the North End for dinner at Massimino’s, Trattoria di Monica or Antico Forno. All are quaint and rustic, and do well for couples. Plus, they’re off the beaten path so you won’t get the fake, touristy feel of restaurants on Hanover St.

    Instead of a limo, I’d suggest a hybrid cab for a funky alternative. Limos don’t travel well in Boston, let alone during the winter on a big night out. It’d suck if you missed the show because of traffic and a lack of easy navigation.

    Spend the money on dinner and dessert, ditch the limo. The show is great – you’ll enjoy it. Have fun!

  6. She_Sween said:

    Not sure your budget on dinner. These 2 are kind of pricey but romantic and great food. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

    The Hungry I
    Mamma Maria

    More affordable romantic.
    (Received Best of Boston award for 2008)

  7. scattered&thrashed76$ said:

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