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I need help with valentines day gift for my boyfriend?

ok so im like the other millions of girls needing help to get there boyfriend a gift. so my boyfriend LOVES the pittsburgh steelers. and i thought that i’d get him a steelers teddybear or he wanted a jersey, or an autograph. but some things are so expencive and i was wondering if anyone had some ideas.
his favorite players are willie parker and graham harrell

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5 Responses to “I need help with valentines day gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Tammy said:

    If money is the bigger problem, make him a card.Tell him you love him.

  2. Katyy W said:

    I would get him a jersey and his fav type of candy and cook him dinner.

  3. † Tiara † said:

    Check Ebay. :]

    I think a bear would be cute. Haha.

  4. juliettemichelle_1107 said:

    build a bear! 🙂

  5. Diane said:

    I’m sure he would love something Steelers-related, but I wouldn’t get the teddy bear. My husband once got a teddy bear for Christmas from a co-worker, and it’s currently in our closet waiting to be given to our 3-year-old nephew.


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