I’m going on a date for valentines day.. Help?

Hey guys, I’m a 15 year old.. I’ve been told I’m a good Song writer.. I’ve liked this girl for 3 years a lot so this date means a lot.. But she still thinks of me as a friend.. Give me tips cuz I’m really nervous.

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3 Responses to “I’m going on a date for valentines day.. Help?”

  1. RZcX said:

    Calm down a bit. If you’re going to be going on a date for valentines day then try making a short song/poem for her and maybe chocolates/rose? up to you. Or you could be casual and just take the say with her like a normal date. Don’t be too nervous and try to be a little suggestive. Good luck

  2. Suzy Q said:

    If she only liked you as a friend, I don’t think she would be going out on a date with you on Valentine’s Day.

  3. Huckleberry FunTime said:

    write a bitchen song dude, and write it kinda about her, but not like directly. sing about hidden love an all that. don’t b like ” i liked this girl for 3 years an now i have a date with her on valentines day” in your song. point is, dont make it obvious the song is about her. and then play it for her wen theres some down time, u know? dude! picknic in the park, and bring the guitar! start playin after the… meal is over. she’ll b in ur lap by the end of the day.


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