I’m 15, need valentines date help?

I’m 15 and love valentines day, what girl doesn’t? anyway last year i was excited cos i had a boyfriend so i was thinking us going out on valentines but it didn’t work out, i wont go into details but bout 3 days before v day we Split, this year again really excited, had a boyfriend but i dumped him in december, again its complicated but i definitely couldn’t of stayed wit him cos of the reason, now we’ve got a valentines dance at school and i really wanna go but i don’t have a date, i don’t want to spend valentines wit a tub o ice cream lol any ideas? P.s. non of the guys at my school ar good looking or nice for that matter so i can’t go wit one of them x

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6 Responses to “I’m 15, need valentines date help?”

  1. dj_tabby2000 said:

    Go with friends. Those dances are always more fun anyway, less drama usually. You could always find a guy outside of your school and invite him over for the dance if possible if you really want I guess.

  2. Sara Rae said:

    Wow your 15! You shouldn’t even be looking at boys!

  3. mikymiky654321 said:

    take one of your guy friend even if he dont look good your real day will come patients will be a virtue

  4. kkurbstomp said:

    Chances are, if you go with a guy, there will be drama. Either, he’s someone else’s boyfriend or someone else wanted him first. Plus, ontop of that, they always want to dance 24/7, and sometimes you just want to hang out and dance with your friends, right?

    So go with your girls.

    You’re 15, you have plenty of time to worry about Valentines’ day dates when you get older. Just go out and have fun. No worries.

  5. JeffKan1 said:

    Depends on how badly you want to go. Do you need to have a steady b/f to have a good time at the Valentine’s Dance?

    It may seem like none of the boys at your school are nice or good looking, but I bet there would be some boy that would be very flattered if you asked him to be your date.

    Try to get to know some guys that don’t seem nice or don’t appear to be good looking. Give some of them a chance that initially doesn’t look appealing.

    Good luck to you!

  6. Teto B said:

    just send me a picture of you so i can see what i can do


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