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help for valentines date plzzz i need advice.?

im 15 and theirs this girl who im gonna take out but i need help figuring it out
im thinkin about a movie but i need some extra advice
and shes havin her friend and her bf….im not goin out with her so dont say things for bf gf
i will buy her a gift but i need tips on at the movies

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5 Responses to “help for valentines date plzzz i need advice.?”

  1. brown skinn said:

    it would still be nice for u to get her a small stuffed animal… girls love gifts.!!!

  2. Tree Monkey said:

    Hmmmm interesting. Well, if youre not going out with her, then…lol i dont see the problem, unless you want to ask her out. If so, then dude, just tell her. Some girls DONT like gifts and get freaked by them ( im fifteen and im one of those ppl), however only you really know how she is. If yall are close friends, you could get her something small and sentimental, that when she looks at it she’ll laugh and remember the memory with you. That would be cool regardless of whether or not you like her. Hope I helped.

  3. lorra. said:

    do the old yawn arm stretch trick, that’d be so cute!
    try putting your hand in the popcorn at the same time she does.
    if its a sad movie and she cries rub her arm or hand.
    DON’T impersonate people from the movie or repeat a line that just happened, you will look dumb lol.

  4. Sarah B said:

    well it changes depending on where you/she wants this to go. Inviting another couple on Valentines Day might be sending the signal that she is interested ina relationship; obviously I don’t know this girl, so don’t want to give you a definite though. Movies are decent, dinner bad. If you want to get food make it a very casual thing. I’m not saying go to BK, but don’t go to like a restauranty type place. Just get like Boardwalk fries or buy ice cream or something. Food, but not a full-blown dinner. If you want to do lunch, that could work. With four peole there is less of a chance you will have an awkward silence. Also lunch is just more casual, don’t ask me why.

    In terms of other stuff to do, go and explore a nearby city type thing, go and take a walk somehwhere pretty. Or, you could plan on seeing a movie or something in one place and then plan to walk somewhere else. If your not really that interested in going out with her, you might want to talk to the other dude involved. Because he will defiently be able to help you steer things on a casual course between you two. Other fun activities that don’t really scream date is just like doing something really public that you would do with a bunch of guy-friends. I don’t really know what that might be in your area, but you probably know what I’m talking about. GL dude, have fun!

  5. Paulo said:

    Como funciona isso?


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