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Need Some Small Help With My Valentines Day-Date Today?

Okay, well I’m 22 and I’m taking a girl out for our second date today. We’re going to the movies.
So I’m just wondering, because it’s only our second date, while we’re out should I buy her flowers and chocolates or what? I’m not sure what she would expect for a second date..What do you think?
And also, for this second date, am I expected to pay for her cinema tickets/hot dogs/ snacks and all that? Not that I mind paying. I’m just wondering..? Just basically making sure. I want to do it right 😛

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One Response to “Need Some Small Help With My Valentines Day-Date Today?”

  1. Rafe said :

    yes, you should pay.

    and you don’t have to get her anything huge, it IS just your second date. However, a little cheap box of chocolates and a card would be sufficient; it’ll show that you’re attentive. But don’t go all out or anything. Good luck!


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