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i need your help finishing my valentines idea!?

first off; the reason i’m asking this is the marriage section, is because i want answers from women or men who have been in such a serious relationship and have experience. i’ve been with my boyfriend for close to two years, in case you’re wondering.

well, remember those little valentines cards you gave away in elementary school? the tiny ones that all look similar that come in a pack of thirty? i bought a set of those. they’re cute and simple. my idea is to write a memory of me and my boyfriend or a reason why i love my boyfriend on each card, then hide it in random areas of his room.

what i need help with is, what are some idea i could write on the cards? i can think of a million, but i want each one to be special, unforgettable, and different from each card i write. i know you can’t tell me why i love my boyfriend, but maybe you guys can think of other ideas to write on the cards. possibly different ways to say ‘i love you’ or other ways to show my appreciation?

any help would be great. if you have any other valentines idea, let me know!

thanks a bunch! 🙂

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6 Responses to “i need your help finishing my valentines idea!?”

  1. Kelsey S said:

    I did something similar to this once when a long term boyfriend and I were going to be spending a summer apart. I made a calendar (like of like an advent calendar) where each day the tab for that day was to be pulled off..

    Underneath I put memories and inside jokes– particularly ones making fun of myself– stuff like that. Really personal memories would be really meaningful to him.

  2. K D said:

    How would anyone else know what your memories are? Just because you have been together for 2 years doesn’t mean the relationship warrants being in the marriage and divorce section. The relationships are not equivalent. Put it in dating where people will go to answer these types of questions.

  3. Anya said:

    You could say things like:

    “You make me laugh and smile every day”
    “I love thinking about you, even when we’re together”

    “I love that you make our bed and keep our place looking nice (or whatever it is he does)”

    “You have a special way with kids…pets….(or whatever it is), and I love that about you” could include “coupons”

    “This coupon is good for one night out, my treat!”

    “This coupon is good for one back massage”

    “This coupon is good for a champagne brunch here at home”

    I don’t know, just some ideas…good luck with them!!

  4. Eugene said:

    Can’t help you with the card thing. But, a scavanger hunt with you as the final treasure would be fun. Leave a card with a very simple clue to the location of the next card. Let it end at your place or a nice hotel and be waiting ready for him. Clues should be flirtatious and even XXX rated.Keep it very simple so he will not get lost. Use his job, car, friends home, etc,

  5. [email protected] said:

    Some of could be used as gift certificates for something he likes to do or for you to do something he doesn’t like to do. “This card can be returned for a 15 min back rub” “A ?????????? dinner” “I will wash your car in the bathing suite of your choice” “One month of house cleaning”

  6. ensoman said:

    I liked the Sexual Positions Dices, now there are two one for position and one for room.


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