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i need a good idea for a valentines day suprise?

okay. so me and my boyfriend live far apart and i wanna do somthing really special for him this valentines day. i love him alot & i want it to be really special.
it isnt possible for me to go see him then and im not taking any sort of gross picturess.. i neeed help asap. ideas??

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3 Responses to “i need a good idea for a valentines day suprise?”

  1. mikester said :

    First off letting him know how much you want to make him happy would be a great gift, you seem really in love and thats great you’re starting early.

    one of the best things my gf likes me to do before was my PERSONALIZED GIFTS…like oragami folded flower, or one year (she’s asian) i made personalized fortune cookies haha. they came out pretty good. sent her ETIBLE ARRANGEMENT. I DON’T THINK I SPELLed it right but thats a big basket very good to eat too. also i once made her a love phrase a day thing. I put in a big glass jar like 365 love poems, love sayings, and me saying personal messages that i love her and miss her.

    ALL THESE IDEAS ARE GOOD but for girls haha i’m not sure if a guy will like it but hope I helped a little. as a guy i would like i guess a picture of you…and not haha a GROSS PIC. Just like a good memory of me n my girl somewhere at a park, or first meeting in a cool frame and mail that…also i started and never finished a lil music video…a love song with pics, videos from our time of being togethor. hope i helped.

  2. Jordan said :

    send him cards (in hopes they arrive every day in feb leading up to feb 14th)

    each with a reason you love him -it can be a cheap set of childrens valentines

    then for actual valentines day you can spend a little more and send him
    1. a giant fortune cookie ($30) with your number 1 reason you love him as the fortune
    2. an IOU box: candles & box of pasta (note: IOU candlelight dinner)
    :movie, bag of popcorn, 1$ box of candy (IOU a night of movie with our fav. snacks)
    : bag of hugs/ bag of kisses (IOU hugs and kisses)
    : massage oil (IOU a massage)

  3. SarahG said :

    i think this message in a bottle is really cute you could write something really romantic on it for him. you could get a digital picture frame and upload photos of the both of you on it i think getting him something personalized is a great idea because every time he uses it he’ll think of you. how about a money clip with his name monogrammed consider this personalized conversation heart candy jar he would probably really appreciate a wine-of-the-month club subscription (there’s also a beer one if he prefers that instead) my last suggestion is a spa gift certificate- everyone loves to be pampered! for more ideas, check out this valentine’s day gift guide poke around the website and you’ll find some great things. hope this helps!


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