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I need a good valentines day gift for my army boyfriend who’s leaving for 15 months to iraq?

i already did a photo album of us. so i want it to be something he can take with him and have it with him at all times.

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7 Responses to “I need a good valentines day gift for my army boyfriend who’s leaving for 15 months to iraq?”

  1. Ashlee said :

    Girl you need to think of this yourself.. make it special thoughts and ideas from you!! Besides it will be a better feeling!

  2. STEWART said :

    have sex with him and i mean some really good hardcore sex, because most likely he will masturbate in iraq

  3. Manda said :

    Some gift and key cutting places can engrave a photo into a necklace. It would be cool to engrave a picture of you two into a necklace he could always were.

  4. Andrea H said :

    Talks on tape so he can hear your voice, when you aren’t able to speak on the phone.

    Love Letters in a cute stack tied with a ribbon,

    A box/basket of things that remind him of you( a scented card of your perfum, a favorite tee-shirt, etc)

    or a care package filled with things he won’t be able to get over there ( ie. magazine subscribtions, candy, etc)

  5. Johnny Dark said :

    Give him a golden heart. He can keep it in his pocket. He’s going to need to know you are with him, heart and soul, while he is there. He can take it out from time to time and hold you. Also, give him a wee little bottle of your favorite perfume. When he’s alone, he can close his eyes, open the bottle and breathe – you’ll be there.

  6. katy w said :

    heya im not sure where your from, but im from the uk, and my boyfriend is also in the army. so as i dont see him as often as usual couples, i decided to get him something that i thought was really good this year. i went online and typed in personalised calendars – as in the yearly one. and on those sites you can upload personal photos onto it, and choose the layout that you would want to use. the one i used is called the quality of it was amazing, and i gave it to him last weekend as i am going away over but he loved it! he sed it was the best present eva!! probli to keep me but if he likes things like that, its good cus its personal, and one will have one the same. it was about £20 with postage. but well worth it. hope i helped x x x

  7. o.v.pugachevaj said :


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