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whats a good valentines gift for a boyfriend?

I’ve been with my bf for about a year but im so confused on what to get him.. cause he has everything…
money is not a problem but i just really want to put a lot of thought into it?

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6 Responses to “whats a good valentines gift for a boyfriend?”

  1. Amy said :

    I’ve been with my bf for a year and three months now and I myself have no clue what to get him. He has everything ( same as yours ) and I understand how you feel girl. Well, what I’m planning to do is cutting down on getting him gifts and bake him a cake or cook him a romantic dinner. I can’t cook myself to be honest but I am planning to cook him something since he has everything. You, as a good girlfriend.. could give him a cuddly teddy bear, card, cook something, and get him shoes or something. That’s a great combo. I can’t wait to do that to my boyfriend! Good luck girl!

  2. Just Me said :

    Oral is always a great gift 🙂 & most guys don’t like stuffed animals even if they pretend they do.

    Even the guy below me knows.

  3. cappo359 said :

    Let me give you the male perspective: we don’t care.

    You could give us dental floss and we’ll tell you we love it. We’re guys, there’s only one thing we really want, you control it, and we’ll tell you whatever we think you want to hear in order to acheive our goal.

    There, truth told.

  4. KERI M said :

    Men love gadgets. Anything like a bluetooth, ipod, laptop, GPS system etc. They also love video games like the Xbox 360 or the playstation 3. My husband loves the UfC so I sometimes buy him tickets to the closest thing to it which is next level fighting. He loved it. Men also like football. Anything football works. Good luck!!!!

  5. Dan P said :

    you could always make a valentines day scrapbook…of all the experiences and pleasant times youve had with one another. another ideal would to buy a LCD photoframe( its like a picture slideshow) that way he could always have you in sight…it also depends on what he likes in general, think about it…ex:sports team, hobbies…you know him best so its hard to say what to get him.

  6. jef said :

    a very nice dinner you have cooked yourself. how about the two of you preparing one? not the whole appetizer to dessert thing, maybe one entree or pasta, and you can role play as his personal waitress or cook – complete with uniform.


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