what is a good gift to get my boyfriend for valentines day?

me and my boyfriend have been going out for a little over 2 years, but i still have no idea what a good gift should be? since valentines day is a more girly holiday i know i dont have to get him anything but i kind of want to get him something little.

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15 Responses to “what is a good gift to get my boyfriend for valentines day?”

  1. Wendy A said:

    Clothes, or gym shoes

  2. jana k said:

    Do a collage of pictures of you two. Or you can put a photo album together of you two

  3. calculator00123 said:
  4. it's a boy! 6-12-2010! said:

    Yeah usually girls don’t get gifts for their boyfriends on V-Day because it’s mostly for us girls. But if you want to get him something little, just find out what he likes. Maybe a gift card to a favorite store, make him his favorite meal for dinner that night, something thoughtful.

  5. Anthony said:

    Find out something from his friends, they should know. Try and bring up a subject about an item and see if he gets interested in it. Good Luck :-).

  6. Jim said:

    Do you think he’ll like it when you give it to him and say: “Here, this was suggested by strangers on Yahoo…”

  7. David B said:

    don’t buy him anything cute cuddly or fluffy. in my opinion lads don’t give anything about getting a gift. id spend all valentines day waiting for valentines night 😉

  8. Alli said:

    you can never go wrong with candy!!!

  9. Michael said:

    Honestly, the best thing you can do is let him out of the obligation to do something girlie on the holiday. Like you said, it’s a girl holiday, but men end up dreading it because they have to go along. Do something you BOTH will enjoy on that day. My girl friend and I both really enjoy movies so that’s what we are doing. Also, I have no idea what she’s getting me, but anything that lets me know she was thinking of me in advance is always nice. I know she was talking about making me dinner that night, and she knows what I like so I’ll be happy, the nice thing is I know what dessert she loves so we can both take care of each other. Now officially for the first time I’m actually looking forward to Valentines Day.

  10. SarahG said:

    what is his age, his interests, and your price range? it’s becoming more common for men to receive gifts on valentine’s day, so you should get him at least something sweet. is he a “guy’s guy” or the romantic type? since i dont know any of these details, ill just throw some ideas out there. men’s bracelet with his initials monogrammed http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Personalized-Gunmetal-Mesh-Id-Bracelet-and-Jewelry-Box-Gift?ideaID=1033&prodID=230148 money clip or wallet customized with his name or initials http://www.gifts.com/search/product/LaSalle-Collection-Silver-Money-Clip?ideaID=2137&prodID=109517 i dont think i know a single person who doesnt love getting a massage, so consider getting one for him http://www.gifts.com/search/product/-150-SpaFinder-Gift-Certificate?ideaID=2942&prodID=28225 does he need a new watch? http://www.gifts.com/search/product/A-X-Armani-Exchange-Mens-Chronograph-Watch?ideaID=3686&prodID=308422 for something more romantic, a message in a bottle http://www.gifts.com/search/product/message-in-a-bottle-kit?ideaID=6973&prodID=232567 or a lovopoly game, a monopoly game customized to your relationship http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Personalized-Lovopoly-Game?ideaID=8816&prodID=218946 pocket-sized pic viewer and you can upload photos of the two of you on it. cookie-of-the-month club subscription http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Cookie-of-the-Month-Club-3-Months-with-Free-Shipping?ideaID=4160&prodID=106343 a gift that he will appreciate for months. there’s also wine, beer, cheesecake, etc, but i have no idea your age so im not going to suggest something involving alcohol. for more ideas, check out this gift guide for the serious boyfriend http://www.gifts.com/giftlists/valentine%27s-day-gifts-for-the-serious-boyfriend?listID=19116 hope this helps! good luck

  11. sharkeysbox said:

    If he is sporty i might suggest:
    -Phiten necklace
    If he likes music or like playing guitars for example:
    -guitar picks for the guitar player.
    -iTunes gift cards or some other music like a cd.
    If he is a movie lover i might suggest:
    -going to a movie
    -renting a movie
    -buying him a movie
    If he is a sensitive guy i might suggest:
    -a love note
    -spending time with him
    and also below. vvv

    **You can never go wrong with money or a card.

  12. roverbule said:

    just give him your love

  13. Myrtle8 said:

    I’m in almost the same boat. Some things I have done for birthdays and such are:
    a scrapbook of our relationship that i update every so often – he LOVED it
    trip to NY to see a show on Broadway
    handmade a pillow and blanket for his bed

    I would recommend a scrapbook or photo album of the two of you. It’s something sentimental that guys may not act like they like around other guys but deep down it does mean something. Other than that just go with something that he has maybe hinted about or made a comment that he likes.

  14. Jonna said:

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  15. xiuying_blossom said:

    Getting a gift doesnt always mean material items. You can always take him to somewhere he likes. Like im taking my boyfriend to go play billiards


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