What is a good gift this valentines day for my boyfriend?

Valentines Day is coming up and I have no clue what to get him. We’ve been going out for little less than 10 months now. He doesn’t like any chocolates or any sweet food items. I’m thinking of a scrapbook, but I’m going to save that for our 1st year anniversary.

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  1. Larkin L said:

    Make a heart or a rose (or make a bunch and fill a ‘love jar’ with a love note included)

    This is an idea for kids to make, but can be used by adults as well:

    “Love vitamins”. You will need: colored candies, the empty packet of vitamins where you stick on a new label with words “Love vitamins”. ” To consult with your doctor or pharmacist does not need, take these vitamins as often as you want! Only caution – do not make yourself sweetened.” (or make your own label based on how you feel about him)

    Laminate a photo of the two of you, made into a bookmark – so it can be a few small pics or just one, glue it to construction paper with hearts, then hole punch the top and put a piece of ribbon or twine of some kind through the hole and tie it off.

  2. Bet said:

    every valentines day i make my boyfriend a basket of his favorite things; candy, snacks, drinks, dvds, books, clothes, video games, picture of us, random valentines stuff, and anything he’s been talking about that he needs or wants. he loves it! also cook him dinner/dessert or take him to his favorite place to eat.

  3. Brian said:

    You could bake him a cake or cookies. Or get anything photo related like a nice photo frame with your photo in it. I got my gf a charcoal painting from us. http://www.paintyourlife.com

  4. Aria said:

    My BF left me just before last years valentines day but i got this http://getboyfriendback.lovez.it and we have been almost a year together and are happier than ever.


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