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Good valentines day gift ideas for my boyfriend?

He’s 18 and at college, so preferably something I can send to him or have sent to him. We’ve been going out for over a year.

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7 Responses to “Good valentines day gift ideas for my boyfriend?”

  1. fried_twinkie1 said :

    Go online to Harry and David’s where you can select something wonderful for him and have it shipped to his address (I assume you mean he is away at college). If you have a local store, go inside and browse. Congrats on having such a great relationship and Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you:

  2. brooklynn said :

    valentines day is pointless,don’t worry about it,that saved you money and time(:
    you’re welcome(:

  3. Jane Baker said :
  4. Taru-Chan said :

    you can made something for him as a scarf cause the weather still cold or something he can be useful for him and maybe you can bring him a write him a poetry something you can do it and it is useful for him :> and good luck

  5. baby~ girl said :

    something home made and from the heart is so much better then something bought you have to keep in mind . but if you feel you need to spend something to show your affection then try getting hi something that he has been hinting about the price shouldn’t matter its the thought that does.

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