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Good homemade gift idea for my boyfriend on Valentines day?

I’m broke, and i already know my boyfriend has gotten me something….i was thinking maybe drawing a pic and making it into a card? then write a poem or something “lovey dovey” on it…..any other suggestions? im 15 so a “night in” isnt pssible and im not to good at cooking either…..thamks in advance!

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5 Responses to “Good homemade gift idea for my boyfriend on Valentines day?”

  1. Turtle said:

    That sounds great!! Although, I do wonder why we celebrate this day when there are so many waiting ’til the last minute to decide what to give their loved one?! Is it more of a hassel and feeling obligated than something we WANT to do?

  2. Big Jebb said:

    make him a macaroni picture

  3. Taylor said:

    Go with the handwritten poem

  4. Sealy said:

    Bake him a heart-shaped cake. Get help if you need it. He’ll appreciate it. Normal guys hate poetry.

  5. Smiles A said:

    Okay, here’s an idea. For thought, time and creativity – Record some songs for him, write a love letter using all the song titles or only song titles. Track Examples: Elizabeth – I Have Seen – The Last Day On Earth – I Have Seen – Santas Little Slay Bells – But, Honestly – It Doesn’t Matter – Because – Nothing Compares To You – In Your Eyes – I See – The Ocean – In Your Lips – I Feel Free – In Your Hair – I Can Feel – The Youth – Smooth – As – Silk – Over And Out – Your Protector – For All Time – I Hope – Your Boyfriend – Won’t Let You Down.


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