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Valentines day gift ideas… read more tell me if good idea?

okay… For valentines day I want to do something meaningful for my boyfriend… I have the idea of putting a big heart balloon that says happy valentines day on it with like the regular red and white balloons also in his truck with a big huge teddy bear…. then put the fake rose petals on his seats to be a little romantic… then put a love mix I made for him with a sweet love note on his seat so when he wakes up in the morning to go somewhere he sees it…. Then later on that day give him some dallas cowboys stuff and maybe a shirt from american eagle cuz he likes that stuff…. Any suggestions??Like the idea or not??

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6 Responses to “Valentines day gift ideas… read more tell me if good idea?”

  1. dilitosmom said :

    You should do that but do it when he is at a public place embarrassment is always fun.

  2. J F said :

    It depends how long you have been with him, I mean if I was dating a girl, and it was still new I would be a little worried, but after a few months I wouldn’t, but if it has been a while he might not even care, romance dies after awhile.

  3. taytay b said :

    go to the movies,have a romantic dinner and put rose petals on the table,go get fast food,and tell that special someone to dress up.i wish would do u that for me or give him a big french i wish my boyfriend would do that 4 me..juss think bout it??i do love ur idea though??hmmmm??!

  4. daring_daphne said :

    too, too much. most men are put off by that kind of affection. he’s not going to tote your teddy bear to work with him to show his friends. unless he’s the smoochy snuggler type (and few men are), you’re better off suprising him in a new nightie, or giving him a heart shaped IOU to make his wildest dreams come true.

  5. Party said :

    okay first if you really love him you should know what he likes.You should do what’s best for him you should try to impress him with something he has told you in the past.Like his favorite sport or something that has to do with valentines day.TRY your BEST and i am sure he will like it.

  6. Sean Carter said :

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