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whats a good valentines day gift idea?

I want to keep it low budget, long story short: we started hanging out 2 weeks ago, but we met/talked for the past 7 months (met in a classroom).
I had an idea of giving her a card, and making a card inside that said “One Wish”, this could be for anything that is realistically possible to happen. Is this a good idea, let me know, and if you can throw some of your ideas.
REMEMBER: I’d like to keep it low budget

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4 Responses to “whats a good valentines day gift idea?”

  1. Auti said :

    Well the card sounds romantic but add a rose with it so it won’t look so plain

  2. amanduhh said :

    chocolate covered strawberries and a card.
    or some flowers.

  3. warriorkiah said :

    yeah that sounds pretty sweet!! to give her a card that has one wish on it…but yeah i agree add a single rose or some choc-o-late..she should like that

  4. Still waiting for a BFP! said :

    That’s a good idea….but realize that her “One Wish” could turn into something not-so-low-budget. :S


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