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Whats a good Valentines gift for men and men only!?

I need a good valentines gift for a guy but a good one. Not watches but something nice and a bit romantic. Any of you GUYS have an idea?

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3 Responses to “Whats a good Valentines gift for men and men only!?”

  1. Ghoulfriend said :

    Candy,calone,balloons be original

    im going to get my bf candy,balloons,teddybear,and flowers ^^lol

  2. xmich3ll3x said :

    Cologne, something from his favorite store, a “love” package, a personally-made photo frame of you two, etc. The possibilities are endless but you can also try checking out magazines for more ideas;]

  3. Sky Witch said :

    I’m not guy however I believe guys would like to have tri-color gold chains, tri-color gold is yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, or four leaf clover necklace for good luck, plus new or good condition cast iron horseshoes without rust with the U shape facing up for good luck.


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