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Whats a good valentines day gift for a special girl?

I want to get a gift for a special girl who i like. I want to tell her that I like her a lot. And that I have feelings for her.

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4 Responses to “Whats a good valentines day gift for a special girl?”

  1. Reef Blastbody, Dog Whisperer said :

    A bracelet is nice. Nothing elaborate but something nice. Best wishes to you both. I hope you enjoy the day.

  2. Alex said :

    Well dear, I came across an article earlier today that I feel may help9 you in your situation, here is the link

  3. Lizzy said :

    A dinner for two at a nice restaurant. That and a homemade vouncher for a free massage of her choice *winks*.

  4. waihan44 said :

    Why don’t you buy a necklace with a heart pendant.A heart design is romantic gift for Valentine’s Day because it is the universal symbol of love.


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