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What would be a good valentines day gift for a teen girl to give her bf?

I know it’s early, but i want to have time to save my money && i want to spend time on the gift. Thanx for all you ideas in advance =)
love the ideas!
but please keep in mind that we are younq teens (13&14) so i can’t invite him to my house && stuff lol.
i just want some ideas for cute gifts.
thanx aqain!

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7 Responses to “What would be a good valentines day gift for a teen girl to give her bf?”

  1. [email protected]@[email protected]@H said:

    u could make him some cookies!!!!!!! guys love to eat!!!!!

  2. Val said:

    cologne, candy, teddy bear, take him to a movie, gift set, boxers & clothes, gift card

  3. LA said:

    I agree, make cookies or invite him over to eat. Maybe have your single friends or siblings be the waiter or waitress and y’all sit down to a candlelite home cooked meal prepared by you. That would be sweet. Buyer “stuff” is overrated. Doing sweet things is what counts.

  4. Mom to 3 under 7 said:

    Back in my day, we made mix tapes, but I guess those wouldn’t be cool anymore. 😉 You could put together a list of “your” songs for a playlist on his MP3 player, though.

    If you’ve been dating a while, another good gift would be a cute picture of the two of you in a frame. In my experience, guys usually like having pictures of their girlfriends, but they’re too lazy to buy a frame.

    I agree with the baking idea, too. Some cute cookies or candy would be fun. Plus, what guy doesn’t love food?

  5. ¢σияα∂'ѕ мσммα [ℓєαн] said:

    my birthday is on valentines day =)
    and it’s me and my boyfriend’s 3 year anniversary on valentine’s day =)
    and i wish i could help, but im still deciding on what to get my boyfriend!
    here’s just some general ideas:
    sports jersey/hat
    leather jacket

  6. Princesa said:

    guys like flowers 🙂 it’s a fact!

    maybe a cute picture frame with your pictures in it?

    or like a scrap book page that you have done and frame it for him?

    everyone is saying cookies… maybe you guys could make cookies and decorate them together or make dinner together and go to the movies that night?

    after all it is about being together and doing nice things to show you care about one another.. nothings better than a little team work

  7. PR said:

    letters, explain your love to him by letters. design it and make your bf proud. its the simplest most profound idea to do.


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