Whats a good Valentines gift for her under $25?

She got me a stuffed animal, a homemade card, candy, and a picture frame. I was hoping to get her something homemade also but i cant think of anything. Whats some ideas? Or a gift under $25 dollars because she doesnt want me to spend more than that on her.

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3 Responses to “Whats a good Valentines gift for her under $25?”

  1. Sani said:

    Dozen roses
    Helium balloons
    Box of Chocolates
    Big Teddy bear

  2. iloveca said:

    some panties from v secret

  3. Melissa★ said:

    a good idea that i like is to take a bunch of things she likes and make a gift basket. with some of her favorite candies/chocolates, even snacks. im sure she’ll love it. other items you could put is maybe some jewlery, maybe give her a gift card from a store she likes so she can pick out what she likes if your not sure, roses, a nice massage with oils, wine.. etc.

    and along with it, make her a homemade card because those are great 🙂
    or something like this:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSkPt1jeSB8 ( really cute ideas )

    (they taste kind of terrible , but they are cute!)

    for some activities you could do for the day is maybe you can take her out to a restaurant. maybe go to the movies together or just sit at home on the
    couch together and enjoy a movie at home.

    happy valentines day ! 🙂


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